Independent reviews of the Grayl Titanium Water Purifier

Portable Water Filter

While we are confident in our products and perhaps just a little biased, we think you should have all the information you can and make an informed decision on which Portable Water Purifier best suits your lifestyle and budget.

With that in mind we have scoured the web (quick google search) and pulled together a few other peoples thoughts on the new Grayl Titanium Water Purifier based on their real-world experiences out in the wild. These reviews are completely independent and to give you the broadest point of view, we haven't selected just the ones that give us 5 stars and high praise, even though there are probably plenty of those (wink). But what we have done is make sure they're are not click-bait spam and are actually an authentic review by real people so they will be worth your time.

This collection should help you to understand both the benefits and limitations of our range, where people found them great, where they came up short, and where people were using them (bike-packing anyone?).  So lets get to the reviews...

 Independent Reviews
A detailed review of the Titanium Grayl UltraPress water bottle purifier for travel, hiking, and backcountry backpacking.
Using the Gryl Ultrapress Titamium for water purification duties on long rides and bike-packing trips.
This is not the only water filter/purifier I have and it will not be the only filter I utilize. I use different ones for different reasons. But this is an awesome addition to my hiking pack!

GRAYL Ultra Press Titanium: Is it worth it?

The Grayl Titanium Ultrapress: Ultralight or Ultra Disappointment?




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