Hunting Hydration Mastery: Grayl Titanium Filter Unveiled

From the adventure to the solitude to the thrill of the hunt, being in the backcountry is a special and rewarding place that can be made even more enjoyable by those carefully selected, special pieces of equipment you know you can rely on.

When choosing gear for your adventure, it has to solve a problem. Even better if it can solve 3 at once! Some would call that a game-changer. Enter the GRAYL Titanium UltraPress water purifier,the most versatile water purifier ever dreamt, let alone built! It's the world's first titanium filter bottle and provides an unparalleled strength to weight ratio perfectly suited to withstand the challenges of New Zealand's unpredictable weather and rugged landscapes.

Designed to filter your water and carry it, it performs triple duty as a cooking utensil. Made of titanium, it can be placed on a backpacking stove, or straight on a fire to boil water for your freeze-dried meals or coffee.

Intrigued? Let's dive deeper into why this three in one system might just be your next backcountry companion.

Camping Water Filter
Hunting Water Filter


Three-in-One System:
The GRAYL Titanium UltraPress serves as a water filter, drink container, and cooking cup. This multipurpose functionality can be a significant advantage for backpack hunters, minimizing the need for carrying separate items.

Press-to-Purify Technology
One of the real gems here is the GRAYL press-to-purify technology. It makes filtering water super fast and easy. All you have to do is pull the inner core/filter out of the cup. Fill up the outer cup with whatever water source you’re utilizing (stream, swamp, dirty puddle) — no higher than the max fill line provided. Then open the cap 180 degrees on the inner core and start to place it back in the outer cup. Firmly but gently, press down on the inner core until it’s fully seated back in the outer cup. All of the water from the outer cup has passed through the filter and is now inside the inner core. Open that top cap and enjoy.

Paracord D-Ring
Sometimes, it’s the little things. Ever find a water source off the base of a bluff or running under a bridge but still need to get water for drinking? These can be tough to get to. On the UltraPress, there is a paracord D-ring loop that allows you to tie the paracord on, lower the cup down to the water source, fill it up, raise it, and be ready for filtering. A small feature yes, but one that oozes efficiency.

Campfire Cookouts
The Titanium cup isn't just for drinking; it's your trusty cook/drink companion. Place it on your backpacking stove or toss it straight onto the fire for a quick boil. Perfect for those freeze-dried meals or a hearty cuppa on chilly outback nights.

Drink Mix Ready:
The one-way silicone valve for drink mix compatibility is a unique feature, allowing users to add drink mix directly to the clean water without concerns about contamination. This can be a convenient feature for those who like to enhance their water with flavors or electrolytes.

Water Purification Technology:
The Electro-adsorption and Ultra-Powdered Activated Carbon filter technology ensures comprehensive protection against viruses, protozoa, bacteria, particulates, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals, making it suitable worldwide and providing peace of mind for drinking water from diverse sources.



Final Thoughts

Yes, the Titanium UltraPress comes with a price tag, but think of it as an investment, one of those pieces of kit that makes you smile every time you use it. If you're serious about quality gear that enhances your backcountry experience, this Kiwi-approved innovation is worth every cent.

In the vast and wild landscapes of NZ the GRAYL Titanium UltraPress stands out as an essential companion for hunters and adventures who demand the best.

Elevate your backcountry game. Stay hydrated, stay efficient, and embrace the outdoors with confidence. The Titanium UltraPress is calling your name. Check it out and gear up for the hunt of a lifetime!



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